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  • Moon Tool & Die Co., Inc.
    Offering Tool & Die work and Precision Machining operations. From "Art to Part", Moon Tool offers a variety of services including mold repair, welding/fabricating, turned products, milled products, and much more. Fully equipped to perform most operations in-house.


    ChipBLASTER forces high-pressure coolant into the cutting zone, which evacuates chips from the point of cut. There is no re-cutting of chips or strings of metal wrapped around the tool.  Heat is controlled in the operation. Putting high-pressure coolant at the chip/tool interface allows your tool and part to remain cool.  Because heat is controlled during the operation, your parts have fantastic finishes and no damage from heat related problems.  End Result:  Better Surface Finish, Better Tool Life, Better Process Control, and More Parts Per Shift, meaning . . . . .YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!


  • Peters' Heat Treating
    With over 100 years of combined experience in the Heat Treating Industry, Peters' Heat Treating provides you with the highest quality and service available.
    Peters' Heat Treating, Inc. has two locations in Western Pennsylvania (McKane & Meadville) which service Western PA, Eastern Ohio and Western New York.


  • Electro-Tech, Inc.
    Electro-Tech, Inc. specializes in hard chrome plating of molds, dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures. Specialties include flash and smoke chrome plating, and chrome build-up for the salvage and repair of mismachined or worn tools and molding components. Other plating processes offered are hard chrome impregnation, ELECTROLOY
    SM, and sulfamate nickel, also for the repair and salvage of mismachined or worn tooling. Electro-Tech also provides metal finishing operations such as vapor and dry honing, glass bead blasting, and stress relief for hydrogen embrittlement.


  • NTMA
    Moon Tool & Die Co. is a member of the NTMA.
    The National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) is the national representative of the custom precision manufacturing industry in the United States. For the most part, NTMA members are small businesses, yet the industry generates sales in excess of $25 billion a year. Our members design and manufacture special tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, gages, special machines, and precision machined parts. Some firms specialize in experimental research and development work. 


  • Jeemco Construction
    JEEMCO, Inc. is a general contracting and consulting firm headquartered in New Wilmington, PA, approximately 60 miles north of Pittsburgh with branch offices located in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.