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Custom CNC Turning Services & Precision Turned Parts

At Moon Tool, our professional tool makers are highly skilled in utilizing the computer numerical control (CNC) method and they put their talents to work on our CNC turning machining centers.

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The Best CNC Lathe Turning Services

Our five Mori Seiki brand machines are set up in different configurations to offer our customers the best custom CNC turning services possible for the machining task at hand. Sub-spindle equipped machines offer more production by handing the part off from one spindle to the other to complete secondary machining operations without operator intervention. Tail stock equipped machines provide the needed support for long or small diameter parts. All are set up with live tooling to minimize the need to utilize other machines for secondary or cross-axis cuts. In addition, our machines and operators readily adapt to holding tight tolerances of ±.0002”.

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Advantages of NL 2500 Mori Seiki Lathes

  • Innovative Turret Design – At Moon Tool, we use CNC Lathes with Built-In Motor Turrets to minimize the large amounts of vibration and heat that are produced in the machining process. This Turret Design also eliminates transmission losses for improved accuracy in machining.
  • Tapping Capacity M20 – The NL2500 CNC Lathe can accommodate face mills of up to ø 80 mm (3.1 in).
  • Rigid Turret – For optimal milling capabilities, Moon Tool utilizes CNC Lathes with increase rigidity of rotary tool holders.
  • Improve Tool Tip Rigidity – With the increased rigidity of rotary tool holders, tool tip vibration decreases, which allows for higher quality cutting surfaces in the CNC turning process. This feature also allows for a longer machining life cycle.
  • Ability to Handle Large-Diameter Pieces – Our CNC Lathes maintain strength in heavy-duty cutting processes.
  • Thermal Isolation – Our NL2500 CNC Lathes offer total heat elimination, which in turn reduces adverse effects of heat on the precision. The spindle is protected from temperature changes with an oil jacket.

Overall General Capacity:

  • Max turning diameter: 14”
  • Standard diameter: 8.2”
  • Max turning length: 19.5”
  • Travels: x-axis 9.3”, y-axis ±2.0”, z-axis 19.5”
  • Single-speed range:
    -Headstock 1: 45-4,000 RPM
    -Headstock 2: 60-6,000 RPM
  • Turret: 12 stations, 12 tools
  • Max rotary tool spindle speed: 6,000 RPM
  • Max Rotary Tool Spindle Torque: NL 2500 – 40 N*m (29.5 ft*lbf)
  • Bar Work Capacity: NL2500 -- ø 80 mm
  • Through-Spindle Hole Diameter: NL2500-- 80 mm (3.150 in)
  • Standard Chuck Size: NL2500 – 10 inches/6 inches
  • Number of Tool Stations: 12[10] tools


  • Mori Seiki SL-204 SMC
  • Mori Seiki NL-2500
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