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Invented in the late 1940s, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and the technology advancements it has seen since then, has made it possible to manufacture shapes and depths that were, and are still, not possible with cutting tools. The precision EDM machining process involves using an electrically charged electrode to burn a shape into a piece of raw material that is oppositely charged. The electrode and material never make contact and are separated by a dielectric fluid, and therefore, no actual cutting force is involved. Instead, the electrode burns away small particles from the raw material, leaving a negative imprint in the workpiece.

precision EDM machining

Top-of-the-Line EDM Machining

At Moon Tool, we use our CNC milling machining centers and custom EDM machining services to engineer our own graphite, copper, or brass electrodes into any desired design or shape our customers require. No request is too intricate or complicated for our highly skilled professionals. These electrodes are then utilized on our top-of-the-line EDM machines, where the real magic happens as we are able to achieve the results of the electrode designs in raw steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbide.

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EDM Machines:

  • Table: 19.7” x 13.8”
  • Axis:
    • x-axis – 11.8”
    • y-axis – 9.8”
    • z-axis – 9.8”

EDM Materials

At Moon Tool & Die, we have the team, facility, and equipment to offer a truly tailored experience.  We have the expertise to machine a full range of materials and can accommodate any specialty alloy. 

Common materials utilized in CNC turning include: 

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