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From cars and electronics to clothes and paper goods, most of the devices people use daily are not possible without the high-performance tooling used in development and manufacturing. The speed, accuracy, and repeatability of a production process depend upon the characteristics and performance of tooling. 

Improve your manufacturing process with precision tool steel parts and assemblies from Moon Tool & Die Co., an ISO 9001:2015-certified machine shop. Innovative equipment, highly trained personnel, and a dedication to quality enable us to provide an array of client-tailored tool steel machining services that streamline supply chains. 

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Tool Steel Machining Services

Advantages of Machining Tool Steel Parts

Tool steels are high-quality carbon and alloy steels commonly used to make cutters, reamers, bits, and other components used for the machining or molding of metals, plastics, and wood. They are usually melted in furnaces and processed to obtain properties required for shaping other metals into useful components. Typical attributes of tool steels include: 


  • High Hardness
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Ability to Retain Shape 
  • Wear Resistance
  • Improved Toughness 
  • Withstand Heavy Loads
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Industries for Tool Steel Parts

High-strength and wear-resisting traits make tool steels ideal for a range of applications. They’re built into equipment that make possible everyday products like automobile exhaust systems, grills and trim to precision surgical instruments and medical-implantable devices. Here are some industries that utilize tool steel parts manufactured by Moon Tool & Die Co.

  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Renewable energy
  • Mining
  • Furniture

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Tool Steel Alloys

A tool is in constant movement, either against another tool or work material, which can cause unwanted wear. Tool steels usually contain carbide formers in different combinations to enhance performance and resist cracking, chipping, or breakage. 

While Moon Tool & Die Co. can machine, weld, and assemble any material, we work most often with high-speed, hot-work, and cold-work tool steels. Each grade has unique performance characteristics that are worth scrutinizing. 


A2 Tool Steel

An air-hardened tool steel that exhibits good toughness and excellent dimensional stability. This versatile material type is used in the manufacture of a wide array of applications, including chuck jaws, dowel pins, hammers, knives, blanking dies, thread-roller dies, long punches, rolls, master hubs, trimming dies, forming dies, precision tools, gauges, coining dies, extrusion dies, mandrels, shear blades, slitters, and cutting tools.


D2 Tool Steel

An air-hardened tool steel with a high amount of carbon and chromium that produces strong wear-resisting properties. It’s a very deep-hardening steel that’s practically free from size change after proper treatment. This tool steel grade has low machinability and grindability with medium resistance to decarburization. It’s perfect for high-volume production, cold-work applications, and high-wear processes. Common parts manufactured with D2 tool steel include blanking dies, forming dies, coining dies, slitting cutters, heading tools, long punches, forming rolls, edging rolls, master tools, drawing dies, shear blades, and gauges.


O1 Tool Steel

An oil-hardened, non-deforming tool steel. Tools and dies made from O1 will have good wearing qualities since the higher tungsten and chromium content exhibits improved anti-abrasion properties. This tool steel type is typically prized for its combination of strength, hardness, and wear resistance. Typical applications for O1 tool steel include blanking dies, bushings, forming dies, master tools, forming rolls, gauges, trim dies. 


S7 Tool Steel

An air or oil-hardening tool steel with high strength, impact-resistance, and anti-shock properties. Additionally, it avoids softening at moderately high temperatures. This combination of properties makes it versatile and a good choice for many hot work applications. Common applications for S7 Tool Steel include bull riveters, chisels, concrete breakers, riveting dies, shear blades, swaging dies, powder metal dies, notching dies, dowels, drills, drill plates, hubs, plastic mold dies, cold-forming dies, blanking dies, bending dies, master hobs, and punches.


DC53 Tool Steel

A general-purpose, cold-work die and mold steel with superior strength and toughness. It exhibits high wear resistance and fatigue strength while resisting chipping and cracking. Typical applications this tool steel grade are forming dies, thread-rolling dies, cold-forging dies, gauges, plastic molds, stepped punches, and press-punching dies.


Tool steels are tough and available in a variety of forms, including round bar, flat bar, square bar, precision-ground stock, and plate. Moon Tool & Die Co. can transform tool steel of just about any shape and size into a high-performing finished product. 


H13 Tool Steel

A hot work tool steel with chromium. It protects against cracking and is easy to machine. This steel is designed to withstand rapid cooling and resists premature heat checking.

Your Tool Steel Manufacturing Partner

Tool steels are critical to all sectors of manufacturing. Yet, many machine shops struggle to produce conforming parts for clients, which causes unnecessary downtime, missed deadlines, and, ultimately, cost overruns. This is why it’s essential to partner with the experts at Moon Tool & Die Co., a precision parts manufacturing leader. 


We specialize in tool steel precision CNC machining for difficult applications. Our expert team works with you to develop the best manufacturing solution using an established consultative approach aimed at successfully addressing performance, fitment, longevity, and safety.


With advanced technology and knowledgeable engineering and production teams, we can manufacture components to exacting tolerances and assemble upper-level items quickly and efficiently. Material is purchased from reputable suppliers, and compliance is verified upon arrival. Our quality control team uses precise testing and inspection equipment to ensure every part produced surpasses customer specifications. All orders are audited for accuracy before shipment. 


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