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Injection Mold Manufacturers

From medical devices to children’s toys, many of the items people use daily are comprised of plastic and metal components. These piece parts are often manufactured from high-volume injection molding production lines that demand the utmost accuracy and repeatability. 

Take your injection molding process to new performance levels with high-quality mold tooling from Moon Tool & Die. We’re an ISO 9001:2015-certified and ITAR Registered CNC machine shop specializing in the construction of custom mold tooling tailored to your specifications.

Importance of Mold Tooling

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that produces parts and assemblies by injecting molten material into a mold, where it cools and solidifies. Capable of generating finished products with speed and precision, injection-molding offers an array of benefits. 

  • Design flexibility 
  • Automated process 
  • High consistency
  • Efficient production 
  • Capable of using many plastic types simultaneously 
  • Low labor costs 

The injection molding process is ineffective without high-quality mold tooling, however. An essential part of the injection molding process, it’s relied upon to produce high quantities of components, some of which have detailed features and complex geometries. 

Mold tooling imperfections can lead to an entire manufacturing run of nonconforming finished products. Items that don’t fit, form, or function as intended can trigger expensive recalls, elicit negative customer feedback, harm company perception, and hurt the bottom line.

Your Injection Mold Tool Manufacturer

Ensure your injection molding production lines generate conforming parts repeatedly and reliably with support from Moon Tool & Die. Our team builds precision mold tooling for critical plastic and metal injection molding processes using a quality-first approach:

The best builder of a critical tool is often the person with in-depth knowledge of how it’s used. That’s why we are an injection mold manufacturer that has highly skilled injection mold-makers construct mold tooling for our clients. Critical aspects that they focus on include: 

  • Gates
  • Draft angle
  • Surface finish

Our area of expertise is plastic and metal injection mold tooling designed for tight tolerances and cavitation quantities based on the cavitation size. A range of industries can benefit from components manufactured using the mold tooling we develop and build. 

  • Automation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wind Energy
  • Medical Device and Equipment 

Moon Tool & Die has the knowledge, equipment, and, most importantly, the expertise necessary to create the perfect mold tooling for every job, every time.

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injection molding manufacturer

Precision Mold Making Services

Our precision mold making services are provided by highly skilled injection mold makers who know the importance of designing a mold to fit the application perfectly. The success of a molding relies greatly on the precision of the mold being used, which is why our customers come to us with their mold design needs.

As injection mold makers, we manufacture for plastic and metal injection molds made for tight tolerances and cavitation quantities based on the size of the cavitation. We have the tools and, most importantly, the expertise to create the perfect mold for every job, every time.

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